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Technician in Well-Being graduated of the Arnika School in Toulouse, Sophie Gaudino invites you to discover some traditional manual Asian disciplines with releasing or invigorating virtues, aimed to a better management of stress and emotions.

Indian Abhyanga – 60 min – 75€

It comes from Ayurveda which means “life science”. it softens the skin and contributes to balance the 3 “doshas” thanks to oils’s properties that are used.

It brings wellbeing and serenity.

Chinese Tuina – 60 min – 75€

Tuina means “to push and seize”. It acts by slow and fast movements on the entire bidy to invigorate and relieve the muscular tensions (ideal for sportsmen).

Korean Relaxation – 60 min – 75€

Practiced on the client fully dressed, on the ground or on a table, it softens the articulations and fights physical and nervous tiredness.

It brings major relaxation.

“Plenitude Expective Mom – 60 min – 75€

This relieving technique for pregnant woman of more than 3 months is a sublim moment of quietude.

By soft and enveloping movements, it especially relieves the legs, the back and calms the spirit.

Foot Relaxation – 30 min – 45€

This technique is considered by Incas as a Sacred Art. It releases nervous tensions, controls metablolism and stimulates carefully the whole body, by light touch and pressures.

Foot Tension Release with Kansu Bowl – 20 min – 35€

This ancestral Indian method acts on the reflex zones, calms the mental and encourages sleep. According to Ayurveda, the Kansu Bowl is made up of an alloy of 5 metals with ghee (clarified butter) It alleviates anger and anxiety.

Japanese Sitting Amma – 20 min – 35€

Practiced on an ergonomic chair.

Amma means “calming hands”. This sequence relaxes in paticular the back, the shoulders and the neck. Practiced on a patient fully dressed, it increases the body wellbeing eliminates stress.


  • Indian Abhyanga + Foot tension Release with Kansu Bowl : 99€
  • Duo Samsara : 2 Indian Abhyanga one after the other on 2 persons : 139€


Rates are applicable from Monday to Saturday, except Sunday when will be added a 20€ increase per person.


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